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by Stephen on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I met Irene at the Lewes WellBeing festival and requested a half hour taster Shiatsu treatment.Irene's manner is warm and welcoming and completely professional.I would unhesitatingly recommend Irene to all my frends as an outstanding Shiatsu practitioner.

by Lucy M on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Irene has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is evident in each of my Shiatsu sessions. I am pleased I contacted her and recommend her to everyone.

by Celeste D on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Thank you Irene so much for my amazing Shiatsu Session. I felt so at ease with Irene who is so warm and calming and I felt very comfortable and safe in her hands. I felt great and re-energised after my session. I hope to go back very soon.

by Kerry J on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: shiatsu

Irene is a very warm person, one of those people who immediately puts you at ease. I originally went to see Irene to deal with pain and stress. I feel deeply relaxed and renewed after the session, and since I have been seeing her my sleep has improved dramatically. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable, and offers lots of tips and other sources for dealing with health issues. I would definitely recommend her.

by Terri Y on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I have had shiatsu with Irene Elliott, and can recommend her. She is a very special lady. Her treatments are gentle but effective . ❤️

by Louise M on So Shiatsu
What a great practitioner!
Treatment received: Shiatsu

What a great practitioner! I went to see Irene last week for a Shiatsu session and I'm so happy I did! Irene is really professional and reassuring, she has a great instinct and picked up on things during the session without me having to say anything. I felt very grounded and tall when I left, and I have seen really great results. I used to wake up every night to go to the bathroom, and I haven't done it once since I had my session, and my sleep has definitely improved, I now feel a lot more relaxed when I wake up, and not like my brain has been working all night instead of resting! I really recommend!

by Cathy on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu/Reiki

I have had two Shiatsu sessions and one Reiki session with Irene. I am so impressed with her friendly but professional manner and her knowledge when taking a detailed history regarding my complex medical conditions. I didn't know what to expect at first but soon I was completely relaxed which is such a hard thing for someone with chronic pain to achieve, and the lasting benefits of relaxation are too amazing for me to even begin to describe. Irene guides the treatment she provides me at each session (Shiatsu or Reiki) depending on my current symptoms and what I feel I can cope with that particular day. She is very attentive, understanding and so knowledgeable in her field that I have complete trust in her. I cannot thank Irene enough for the break in constant pain and muscle tension that her treatments provide for me.

by Michala on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Irene for a shiatsu session, I just knew that from the first time we met I trusted her and knew that I would be in very good hands, I am a mum of two with two businesses to run and kids to keep fed, clothed, watered and taxied, so it’s fair to say that my stress levels are very occasionally high and that my sleep pattern is more like a toddlers drawing. I had tried several different ways to increase energy, focus and sleep better but none of them worked for me, so I thought I would try shiatsu with Irene.It’s been the best thing I have done, nothing is over intense but enough to do whatever it did to make me feel so much more relaxed and less stressed, I slept so much better that evening and woke up ready to take on the world the next day, I will be continuing my sessions with Irene and cannot wait for the next one.

by Judy on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

A positive mental attitude and Shiatsu treatments from Irene have helped support me through the stresses and strains of life, an old whiplash injury and onset of menopause. Can't praise her enough.

by Karen on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Irene – Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for the sessions of Shiatsu massage that I have had with you. I have found the sessions to be very relaxing and person focused. Each time I come to see you, you have taken into account my feelings on the day and also helped me cope with my particular condition and symptoms. I have found the sessions to be comfortable and help immediately with the effects of tension and discomfort. When I come to see you I always leave feeling a great sense of overall wellbeing and you always seem to know without me having to say anything what part of my body requires extra attention. I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone and anyone that I know

by Lizzie on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I have visited So Shiatsu for a couple of years to help with a specific health condition as well as for general well being. I knew very little about shiatsu when I first attended but as a result of the benefits I began to feel, along with Irene's professionalism and enthusiasm I quickly became a convert to it! I find the sessions themselves extremely relaxing and notice other lasting benefits related to my heal as well as better sleeping, and a clearer, more relaxed mind. I would urge others to experience shiatsu at so shiatsu.

by Sara on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

My treatment with Irene was outstanding. Her expertise and skill were obvious from the outset. The shiatsu was relaxing during the session and I felt very energized and more balanced for a long time after. Irene was so kind and considerate. I highly recommend anyone who feels ill at ease either mentally or physically to book now.

by Eilidh on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I have had many types of massage from many practitioners, but a shiatsu treatment from Irene seemed to give space and allow true relaxation. She was never fixed on one area in particular, but very intuitive on what was required. I left every session with generally increased sense of health and wellbeing, brighter and definitely more relaxed.

by Anonymous on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Thank you Irene. I feel so relaxed and peaceful after an hour of shiatsu, a great way to unwind as well as sorting out all my little aches and pains. You're always so calm and professional......despite having to deal with my ticklishness!

by Jude on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

My session of shiatsu with Irene was a great experience from beginning to end. The questionnaire is thorough and Irene was very efficient and professional in following up on particular points. The treatment itself was just lovely. I relaxed more than I had for a very long time, and I feel sure she had to wake me up at the end of the session! After the session I felt very relaxed and much more balanced at every level. I would definitely recommend Irene's shiatsu treatments to anyone seeking that wonderful feeling of being so relaxed it's like floating.

by Sharon on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Reiki

Wow, what can I say except wow !!II really cannot recommend high enough , I first thought about Reiki after a friend recommended it, didn't know too much about it so googled and read up on it, then I found So Shiatsu ( also thro google ) . I was rather wary and quite emotional before my initial session but was blown away , I have been back and keep booking to go back !Irene is the loveliest most sincere lady I have had the pleasure to meet, she really cares and wants you to get the most from your treatment , so talented , totally above and beyond all,Thank You Irene xxxxxx

by Mary-Jane on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I've had two shiatsu treatments with Irene and am hugely impressed by the depth of her knowledge. To be honest, the first time I was expecting a bit of a massage through my clothing, but in fact the case-taking was incredibly detailed, covering all aspects of my general health, medical history and stress triggers.The treatment itself was amazing. I have had acupuncture which I like for it's effects but I don't particularly like the feeling of the needles. Shiatsu was like acupuncture without the needles so much more enjoyable. On the second occasion I dozed off!Irene is incredibly knowledgeable and focuses on giving a balancing treatment which will lift your mood and reduce your stress. I highly recommend her.

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