I don’t know many people who haven’t had lower back pain at some point in their lives. Sadly I see clients at my clinic with this very issue on a daily basis.

It’s really common and a lot of sufferers will understandably reach for the painkillers whenever they get a flare-up, but never really look at the route cause of the problem.

So, if you would you like to find out what your lower back pain means from a Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine perspective. And how you can support your body to minimize or prevent flair ups of your back pain. Then read on.

Acute lower back pain

A sudden onset of lower back pain is often caused by either a sprain or external cold getting into the back.

If it caused by a sprain then you may experience extreme stiffness, pain in the back and sometimes the leg. You will find that these symptoms will improve by resting and feel worse when moving.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective this pain is due to stagnation of Qi and Blood locally. Qi is also known as Bio-electromagnetic energy and it moves the blood around the body. If the Qi is not moving blood adequately in your back then pain can arise.

If your back pain is caused by external cold entering the back though the skin, then you will experience pain when resting and especially in the mornings. And you may find that gentle movement will help.

Chronic lower back pain

If you have persistent or recurring lower back pain then according to Chinese Medicine this is most likely to be due to a deficiency in Kidney energy.

It is believed that the Kidneys are the source of Yin and Yang in your body and that they store the Essence. This Essence is similar to your DNA and it is in charge of your birth, growth, reproduction and also your mental and physical development.

You are born with a certain amount of Essence and there is a natural decline as you age. But if you overwork, eat junk food, drink too much booze, don’t get enough sleep and have chronic stress then the Kidney energy may become depleted.

When this happens it is not unusual for you to get lower back pain. This is probably because the Kidneys are physically found in the lower back.

If it is low kidney energy that is causing your back pain, then your pain will improve when you are resting and will feel worse when you overwork the back.

For many people chronic lower back pain will be caused by combination of things. For example; your Kidney energy may be deficient and this in turn can make you more inclined to experience a sprain or an invasion of cold in your lower back.

3 Ways to help your back pain

  1.  The following things can help support your kidney energy.
  • Try to manage your stress levels. Introduce things into your life that will reduce stress and do these things daily or at least on a regular basis. Consider meditation, Qi Gong, going for a walk or take time out to reading a book.
  • Get enough rest and sleep. If you are having difficulty sleeping then you may need to look at your stress levels.
  • Get your body moving if possible. Why not try swimming, walking, Pilates or yoga.
  • Aim for a healthy work-life balance. If you are overworked, then is there a way that you can reduce your workload? For instance, delegate to other people or speak to your manager about getting help.
  • Eat healthy nutritious foods in a calm environment. Where possible, try not to eat at your desk whilst working or during a business meeting.

2.  Prevent an invasion of cold

An invasion of cold can happen when you live in cold conditions. So I would recommend always wearing weather appropriate clothing and wrapping up on cold days.

3. Have regular Shiatsu treatments

Having regular Shiatsu treatments can help support the Kidney energy and move the stagnation of Qi and blood. Why not book a treatment today!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.