It seems like an age since I closed the ‘physical’ doors of So Shiatsu. What a rollercoaster it has been.

Since the beginning of lockdown I have tried to have some sort of structure to my day. I get up and exercise outside, then I attempt to do something that doesn’t involve sitting in front of Netflix all afternoon stuffing my face. But in the early days of lockdown, Netflix and chocolate brownies often won.

I’m still doing some EFT with clients and key workers on-line and checking in on my Shiatsu and Reiki clients to see how they are coping.  And yesterday I even saw a client for a Wellbeing Review in her garden (socially distancing of course)! I’ve also completed a few short courses and am planning to start another online Health and Wellness Consultant course later this week.

I have to say that I’m secretly enjoying this new normal (don’t tell anyone). Most people will find that funny as I’m perceived as being quite outgoing. But I do really like peace and quiet and my own company too. Saying that, I have missed seeing my friends and family in person and of course going to the footie to watch my beloved Brighton Hove Albion play.

Getting So Shiatsu Covid-19 Ready

A few weeks ago I started to prepare for opening So Shiatsu again. I have no idea when I will be able to see clients face-to-face in my clinic. It could be July, August or even September. Only time will tell. But I will be ready for when we get the go-ahead.

The health and safety of my clients is my top priority. So the first thing I did was an Infection Control Risk Assessment. I did a walk around So Shiatsu as if I was a client and noted the areas that they may come into contact with. Then from this I put together a hygiene check-list which I will complete before and after each client’s appointment. It is basically a list of areas and objects that I will wash and disinfect.

I have written a Covid-19 Policy for So Shiatsu, which I’m still tweaking. I won’t be able to finalise and share it until we get the final instructions from the Government. But when this is done, I plan to put it on my website and share it on social media so you can all read it.

I have also put together a new Covid-19 consultation form, which will be completed by telephone 24 hours prior to each client’s appointment. At present I plan to call clients before their appointments to ensure that it is safe for them to come to So Shiatsu. In particular, to check if they are in the vulnerable persons category, have any contra-indications to treatment or have symptoms of Covid-19.

So there are lots of things going on behind the scenes here! If you are struggling with anxiety and just want a chat to see how I can help, then don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be in touch again when I have more to tell you.

Until then take care!

Warmes wishes

Irene xx