If you follow my Facebook posts you will be very familiar with this first-aid technique. I personally tap on the Fear Point in acutely stressful or anxiety provoking situations and teach my clients to do this too.

I have previously written a brief blog about this technique, but I wanted to do another, which focuses on the Fear Point technique in more detail.

I first came across it watching a Donna Eden video a few years ago. This was before I was formally introduced to EFT and Tapping. Tapping on these points made sense to me as I understood the significance of stimulating this particular meridian due to my studies of Chinese Medicine theory.

The theory behind the points

The acu-points used in this technique are called TriplHeater (TH) 2 and 3. And according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the TH meridian is ruled by the Fire Element. The Fire Element is in charge of the body-mind and enables its capacity for enjoyment, love and maintaining emotional and spiritual balance.

Donna Eden in her book Energy Medicine explains that the Triple Heater meridian works as a meridian system, controls the adrenal glands, adrenaline production and works together with the Hypothalamus gland as a radiant circuit. The hypothalamus gland regulates your body temperature and activates the nervous system’s fight or flight response to stress.

The TH works by warming the body evenly when it is in a calm and balanced state. And when you become angry, it will send heat upwards  to your face, chest and arms making them flushed, preparing you to fight. If you are in danger or are frightened then the TH will send the heat to the legs, getting you ready to run away. So it’s a really helpful meridian to protect us.

When things go wrong

Think about a stressful situation. For some of us it will be a phobia such as flying or heights. For others it might be the thought of getting the kids ready for school, public speaking or going to a stressful meeting. Any stressful situation that causes negative thoughts and symptoms of anxiety will activate the TH meridian and potentially send you into flight or fight mode.

The real problem occurs when the TH meridian becomes chronically over-stimulated due to constant stress or fear. This can cause you to be in a constant fight or flight mode making you jumpy and continuously anxious.

What does tapping actually do?

Put simply, tapping on TH 2 & 3 in an acute stressful or anxiety inducing situation stimulates the TH meridian, causing an emotional release.

First you have the stress triggering situation/memory, which disrupts the body’s bio-electromagnetic energy system and causes symptoms of stress or anxiety. By tapping on these points, it stimulates the TH meridian, in turn targeting the adrenal glands and reducing the stress hormone cortisol. It basically calms you down.

Where are the points found?

These points can be found on the top of your hand in the groove between the ring and little fingers.  You can access them by using 3 fingers to tap on this area. Have a look at the video below to see me using this technique.

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