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by Adrian on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu and Reiki

Thank you for the work you did on me. Yesterday I felt a great deal of relief from my symptoms and my heart felt lighter too. I had a sleep in the afternoon and felt rested.

Today I awoke and I have some strong emotions of frustration around myself and my resistance to allow energy to flow uninhibited through me. I have some physical stiffness so I have done some stretches.

I’m sure how I feel today is part of the process so I will be more compassionate and less critical of myself.

Joy love and freedom is our natural state of being yet we spend so much energy holding it back. This holding back is a state of Being and I know for me it’s a habit I have practiced nearly all my life. Why would we fear letting all that joy love and freedom flow through us? It’s the one thing we all desire and it’s who we truly are. We are habitually conditioned it seems to fear the one thing that will set us free. What a back to front crazy world we have created. It’s all shifting though and people like yourself are there assisting people through this transition.

I am very great full for your help.

by Carole on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: shiatsu

I recently was gifted a Shiatsu treatment with Irene while visiting from Canada. The treatment was wonderful. Irene started off by making sure I was comfortable and relaxed. She spent time understanding my needs and concerns. I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment from beginning to end. I left feeling relaxed, at peace and rejuvenated. My expectations were surpassed. My only disappointment is that I am too far away for more treatments! Thank you Irene. I would highly recommend So Shiatsu.

by Sarah B on So Shiatsu
Sarah B
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I had the most wonderful treatment with Irene today
I have never experienced shiatsu before and was blown away by it
I left feeling completely relaxed and amazed at Irene’s gentle yet powerful way of treating
And I am very much looking forward to my next session in 3 weeks time
I thoroughly recommend coming to see Irene at her lovely practice in Ditchling in such lovely surroundings. There was a very calm and serene atmosphere, I felt at ease straight away, with lovely smells of essential oils filling the air and Irene’s gentle nature it was an hour and a half well spent and I feel so much better for it
Thankyou so much Irene I loved every minute x

by A.G. on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: EFT

As a functional medicine doctor with experience in many spheres of effective, science-based complementary and alternative medicine, I am fully aware of the rapid effectiveness of EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique).

I had an occasion to be deeply grateful to Irene Elliott of So Shiatsu recently. I had just completed a day as a GP locum, and in the afternoon I had been the victim of an unusually aggressive patient, who was unhappy at the speed with which I could get him an orthopaedic appointment on the NHS. He left me shaking and tearful, and unable to see the next 2 patients, who had to be seen by another GP. Even when I did see the remaining patients, I was not up to par, and still shaken.

Overnight I remained anxious and restless, with fitful sleep.

On the next morning, I was relieved that I did not have a GP day booked, but attended my Athena Women's Business Networking event in Brighton. To my deep relief and gratitude, I was met with my friends and colleagues, cheerful faces, including Irene Elliott. We had a chat, and she suggested that I see her that afternoon, as she had a slot available.

She took me through her unique EFT process, and we worked on the anxiety that remained for an hour. I felt calmer, and more able to cope. That night I slept peacefully, and even the next morning I awoke without the ruminations that had troubled me.

A month later, I have had to write up the case for discussion at my GP appraisal; I did this easily, without stress or anxiety.

To my mind, this is a testament to EFT in general, and Irene's work in particular. Thank you Irene.

by Jocelyn C on So Shiatsu
Jocelyn C
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful treatment today Irene.  I feel like I’ve almost floated through the day and my shoulder feels better than it has in weeks.  I’m so glad that I found your brochure and had the chance to meet you ... it was a very special part of my journey here. ☺️

by Sharon L. on So Shiatsu
Sharon L
Treatment received: Reiki

I came to see Irene only this week after being ill since before Christmas and having an incredibly stressful year. She was very kind and helpful and did reiki healing on me.
The following day for the first time in over 2 months I can breath freely, no congestion, no tight chest.
I actually feel the best I have felt in months.
So thank you!

by A.B. on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu and Reiki

I first went to Irene when life had got too much. I run a business, I have a disabled 8 year old, a 2 year old and had just moved house. My mind was full, my feet ached and I needed some help.

I struck gold! Irene just met my needs. She added a bit of Reiki and a bit of Shiatsu and was able to address areas of real pain. Each time I left I felt relaxed, revived and had some pointers of how to help myself. Irene got me back on track and now I go for a monthly MOT! I felt very supported and as though she really listened and knew what I needed. I look forward to my sessions and how I will feel after.

Thank you for all your help and getting me back on the right path!

by Sarah O-M on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu and Reiki

Finding Irene has been an absolute god-send. Apart from being highly knowledgable, experienced and professional, she is a genuinely lovely, kind and caring lady who really wants to help. The shiatsu and reiki sessions I’ve had with her have left me feeling relaxed, calm and given me time for me. Highly recommended.

by Rebecca M on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: shiatsu

Irene is amazing - she made me feel so at ease while at the same time being very professional - she really knows her stuff! The Shiatsu session really made a difference and I will definitely be returning for more...

by Shiela B on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I have worked with Irene as a colleague both in the NHS and in complementary therapy and she's knowledgeable, sensitive and a fine practitioner. I have great respect for her as a person and therapist

by Jude T on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I can not recommend Irene highly enough. I have had a few treatments with her and she is amazing. She genuinely cares, and tailors the treatments to my health issues. Irene is incredibly knowledgable and has helped me beyond what I thought possible. Thank you Irene.Jude

by Nicola E on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

I came to see Irene for a relaxing experience to help me unwind as I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress recently. Irene was welcoming, attentive and clearly very knowledgeable in how to get energy moving in the meridians of the body. A lovely experience and I’d definitely recommend going to see Irene for a Shiatsu session.

by Rifa T-T on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Emotional Freedom Technique and Shiatsu

Irene came to my house to give me 2 x 1.5 hour sessions of EFT, that helped me to clear deep blocks, give me the boost I needed but also empowered me to practice by myself. Irene's manner is down to earth, funny and relaxed. I love her shiatsu massages too!

by Sara B on So Shiatsu
Sara B
Treatment received: Shiatsu and Reiki

Irene has a caring, down to earth and professional manner, and her reiki and shiatsu treatments are relaxing and powerful. She provides thorough feedback and will go the extra mile to recommend lifestyle changes and support you to implement these. She brings her extensive nursing experience to her work, making her a trustworthy and knowledgable practitioner with a deep understanding of both western and eastern approaches to health and healing... a gem!

by Tinu D on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Emotional Freedom Technique

I've had this fear for falling and when I say fear, the moment I step out of the flat all I am thinking is "I'm going to fall, I'm going to fall".

However I have had falls, just so you know, I'm only in my late 40's so it's nothing to do with my age.

I even was thinking of buying a walking stick to support me, it was that bad.

I then met with this miracle lady, Irene Elliot she is one miracle you have to experience.
I had a session with her on guiding me to get rid of my fear of falling and the next time I got out of my flat, I did not even think about falling whatsoever.

Nothing at all, it didn't even occur to me, the thought didn't even come to my radar.

My fear has disappeared, gone!

She was thorough from the session I had with her and very in-tuned.

She's a miracle worker.
Thank you Irene, you're amazing!xxx

by Kerry J on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a very powerful technique, which as I now use it on my own, continues to surprise me with its effectiveness. It is difficult to describe this simple and improbable, but potentially life changing, therapy.

Irene is highly insightful practitioner. The extension of her practice to EFT seems a natural progression, using the depth of her knowledge, both of shiatsu and our general physiology, and her warm understanding human spirit.

by Philippa Tracy King on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Emotional Freedom Technique and Shiatsu

One thing about living in Sussex is that we are blessed with a multitude of professional, experienced and dedicated Complementary Practitioners. As a Holistic Physical Therapist of 25 years myself, I am always interested in the various maps and models used by others, and often seek the help of my fellow colleagues and their views when needing assistance with either a client or my own issues. Some practitioners definitely stand out above others. One of these is Irene Elliott who practises in Ditchling in Sussex.

I recently sought the help of Irene because she brings to her Practice her 25 years of sound science based nursing experience, her 13 years of Eastern philosophy and practice as a Shiatsu practitioner and Reiki master and her knowledge and work with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s easy to be sceptical or unsure about something that involves tapping and humming and repetition of issues and affirmations and the pressing of certain points on the body (to name a few techniques) but the joy of working with Irene is that she pools all her knowledge of each discipline into each treatment so that her approach is appropriate, personal and professional. Her experience means she is full of insight, relevance and enthusiasm and includes sound allopathic medical knowledge which inspires confidence and trust...and the important thing, is that it works!

She helped me enormously, in ways that I didn’t even know I needed assistance and has set me on a different path to recovery that I hadn’t anticipated from my limited perspective. I feel nourished in mind, body and spirit. I can highly recommend Irene as a Shiatsu, Reiki and EFT practitioner. Whatever you need, you will probably get a bit of all of them in your treatment and you can certainly anticipate a positive and helpful outcome. She is warm, friendly and full of fun. She lives as she speaks and is committed to her crafts.



by Carol Bell on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Emotional Freedom Technique

I have had 4-5 EFT sessions with Irene now both in person and via Skype.I found that Irene was very skilled at getting to the root cause of my various issues quickly and with amazing outcomes. I am an EFT practitioner myself but sometimes it takes another skilled practitioner to point out where your issue is stemming from and Irene did just that. I would highly recommend booking a session with her, even if you are skeptical about EFT. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

by Lisa M on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Irene is so lovely and her space is tranquil and calm. I had a wonderful treatment and highly recommend Irene. I will be back soon!

by Carol F on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: Shiatsu

My body has been through a tremendous amount of stress over the past couple of years. When it was first suggested I tried Shiatsu, I had pre-conceived ideas and, to be honest, was a bit skeptical about it! It wasn't until I met Irene and she shared her wealth of knowledge that I realised I was just being ignorant and so I booked a session with her! My body thanked me for it. That night I had one of the best nights sleep that I had had in a long time. Irene is such a warm, caring and knowledgeable lady and I felt totally at ease with her. She is also an ex-nurse and therefore not only are you in safe hands she also knows a lot about the human body too!

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