So Shiatsu
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 by Lisa D
Lisa D
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Irene is calm, grounded and deeply caring.  I came to see her during a difficult time when my usual self supporting methods were just not working. I commited myself to a series of sessions over a few months to really address the deep work that needed to be done.

The Shiatsu treatment itself felt like a gentle letting go of years, decades of baggage I needed to let go of. It was a gentle process and I can honestly say that I  am pretty much back to the person I was before the overwhelm just got on top of me.

 by Sue T
Sue T
Treatment received: Reiki

There are times in life when I recognise I arrive in a place that I can't 'think' myself out of mental distress and physical discomfort. With Irene I arrived in a place where this is understood at a very deep level.  Her breadth of knowledge and experience in TCM  and working with the body/mind has immeasurably helped my path to the understanding and management of my physical health and mental wellness. Her treatment room is a pristine haven of warmth and comfort to truly allow yourself to relax and let the therapy access the letting go of stress and tension.