So Shiatsu
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by Lisa D on So Shiatsu
Lisa D
Treatment received: Shiatsu

Irene is calm, grounded and deeply caring.  I came to see her during a difficult time when my usual self supporting methods were just not working. I commited myself to a series of sessions over a few months to really address the deep work that needed to be done.

The Shiatsu treatment itself felt like a gentle letting go of years, decades of baggage I needed to let go of. It was a gentle process and I can honestly say that I  am pretty much back to the person I was before the overwhelm just got on top of me.

by Sue T on So Shiatsu
Sue T
Treatment received: Reiki

There are times in life when I recognise I arrive in a place that I can't 'think' myself out of mental distress and physical discomfort. With Irene I arrived in a place where this is understood at a very deep level.  Her breadth of knowledge and experience in TCM  and working with the body/mind has immeasurably helped my path to the understanding and management of my physical health and mental wellness. Her treatment room is a pristine haven of warmth and comfort to truly allow yourself to relax and let the therapy access the letting go of stress and tension.

by Vanessa N on So Shiatsu
Vanessa N
Treatment received: Wellbeing Package

Having reached out to Irene during an especially turbulent time at work I can honestly say her service is nothing short of magical. I booked a package of assorted treatments and found each treatment offered something special to help me find some inner piece. All perfectly executed by the magical lady herself. So if you are thinking about having a treatment then do, she will work wonders, guaranteed. To say Irene is one of the most loveliest people I have ever met, would not do her justice, she's all that and more. With a wicked sense of humour and all her other attributes added together she really is the the real deal. Try it, you won't look back....

by Liz on So Shiatsu
Treatment received: shiatsu