So Shiatsu Covid-19 Policy

Protecting our clients

I have completed a Covid-19 infection control risk assessment of So Shiatsu.

I have removed any items from the treatment room and common parts that are non-essential and particularly those that are difficult to wipe down with disinfectant or wash in order to kill the virus.

I have been vaccinated against Covid 19.

I will do a regular Lateral Flow Test to check that I don’t have Covid-19.

Enhanced hygiene and preventative measures

  • Following the risk assessment I have put together a Hygiene Check-list, which I will refer to and complete before and after every client visiting So Shiatsu.
  • Clients will be asked to use hand sanitiser when they arrive at So Shiatsu.
  • Clients will be required to wear a face covering whilst at So Shiatsu, unless they are exempt.
  • All pillows, shiatsu mat and couch will be covered with a wipeable cover so they can be disinfected or washed between each client.
  • All futon/couch coverings, pillowcases and blankets will be removed and washed after each client. At no time will these be used for more than one client without being washed.
  • Waste paper bins in the treatment room and toilet will be emptied on a regular basis, cleaned and a new liner will the inserted.
  • I will be wearing a face covering (and if necessary, other PPE in line with current UK Government guidelines) during consultations and treatments until further notice.
  • I will wash my hands and use hand sanitiser (as required), before, during and after working face-to-face with each client.
  • I will open a window to ensure adequate ventilation.
  • I will reduce the amount of clients I see in a day to allow adequate time to ventilate and clean So Shiatsu.
  • If I have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or has been diagnosed with Covid-19, I may have to share contact details of clients recently seen at So Shiatsu with the NHS Test and Trace service. I will then not see any clients until I have self isolated for the recommended time frame advised by the UK Government. Following this, I will contact clients to reschedule any appointments that have been cancelled. Please can clients ensure that I have their up-to-date contact details.
  • I will check my own temperature at the beginning of each work day and if it is raised I will cancel all clients and follow current UK Government guidelines.
  • Where possible, I will ask you to pay for your treatments by BACS or by card.

Assessing clients and deferring treatments

The health and safety of my clients is my top priority. If a client is deemed to be extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 or has a health contra-indication to treating, then I will carry out an individual risk assessment and if necessary ask for permission from their care provider to treat and defer seeing them for treatments until it is appropriate and safe to do so.

If a client has been asked to self-isolate, feels unwell, has possible Covid-19 symptoms or has been in contact with someone with symptoms. I will defer seeing them for treatments until they have been tested and/or have self isolated following the current UK Government guidelines. If they have not tested for Covid-19 or sought medical advice then I will refer the client to the NHS.