So Shiatsu Covid-19 Policy

Assessing So Shiatsu and treatment room

I have completed a Covid-19 infection control risk assessment of So Shiatsu.

I have removed any items from the treatment room and common parts that are non-essential and particularly those that are difficult to wipe down with disinfectant or wash in order to kill the virus.

Enhanced hygiene measures

  • Following the risk assessment I have put together a Hygiene Check-list, which I will refer to and complete before and after every client visiting So Shiatsu.
  • Clients will be asked to bring their own bottle of water. Refreshments will no longer be offered at So Shiatsu for the foreseeable future.
  • Until further notice, clients will no longer be able to bring another person to their appointment.
  • Clients will be asked to use hand sanitiser when they arrive at So Shiatsu.
  • Clients will be asked to wear a face covering whilst at So Shiatsu, unless they have a health condition or another reason that prevents them from doing so.
  • All pillows, shiatsu mat and couch will be covered with a wipeable cover so they can be disinfected or washed between each client.
  • All futon/couch coverings, pillowcases and blankets will be removed and washed after each client. At no time will these be used for more than one client without being washed.
  • After each client, waste paper bins in the treatment room and toilet will be emptied, cleaned and a new liner will the inserted.
  • I will be wearing a visor and a Grade II face mask (and if necessary, other PPE in line with current UK Government guidelines) during consultations and treatments until further notice.
  • I will clean my visor before and after each client.
  • I will put a clean face mask on for each client.
  • I will wash my hands and use hand sanitiser (as required), before, during and after working face-to-face with each client.
  • I will ventilate the treatment room in-between clients.
  • I will wear disposables gloves when cleaning So Shiatsu’s treatment room and common parts.
  • I will reduce the amount of clients I see in a day to allow adequate time to ventilate and clean So Shiatsu.
  • If I have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or has been diagnosed with Covid-19, I may have to share contact details of clients recently seen at So Shiatsu with the NHS Test and Trace service. I will then not see any clients until I have self isolated for the recommended 14 days advised by the UK Government. Following this, I will contact clients to reschedule any appointments that have been cancelled.
  • I will check my own temperature at the beginning of each work day and if it is raised I will cancel all clients and follow current UK Government guidelines.
  • Where possible, I will ask you to pay for your treatments by BACS.

Pre-treatment checks

Until further notice I will be carrying out pre-treatment discussions with clients to ensure that they are not experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 or are in the vulnerable persons category.

The health and safety of my clients is my top priority. If the client is deemed to be vulnerable to Covid-19 or has a health contra-indication to treating, then I will defer seeing them for treatments until it is appropriate and safe to do so.

I will contact each client 24 hours before their appointment to check whether they are shielding, have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms. If the answer is yes to any of these questions then I will defer seeing them for treatments until they have been tested and/or have self isolated following the current UK Government guidelines. If they have not tested for Covid-19 or sought medical advice then I will refer the client to the NHS.

The consultation process

In addition to the usual questions that I ask during a consultation I will be asking some COVID-19 specific questions. These will most likely be asked in the pre-treatment check telephone call or by email. It may also be appropriate to ask further questions during the client’s face-to-face appointment.

If necessary, I may have to adapt the way I do treatments as per infection control advice from the Government and The Federation of Holistic Therapists.