I am currently seeing an increase in young people coming to my clinic with anxiety. I love working with the Yoof  and spent the majority of my nursing career working with this wonderful group of people, who often get a bad rep.

Older generations always say to young people that “your teenage years are the best years of your life”. But I think things have changed. There are much more pressures on young people today, even compared to when I was a teenager in the 1980’s.

When we were young there was no social media, so if you were being bullied at school, you could at least go home to get away from it. Now they have it 24/7. There are intense pressures to fit in and look a certain way. You are questioning and exploring your personal identity and sexuality, and this is a massive pressure. Then you add in the exams and the pressures from others around this. It’s can be too much to deal with and so stressful!

So what do I offer young people who have symptoms of stress and anxiety?

A Wellbeing review

Sometimes it’s appropriate to first have a Wellbeing Review to assess what is going on. I listen to the young person, what anxieties and concerns they have and we look at this in a holistic way. I can then give them some stress busting tools and offer lifestyle and basic nutrition advice as necessary. The advice they may or not take. But I find that they do take at least one thing on board. Sometimes it is appropriate for me to give them the name of another practitioner or refer them to their GP if necessary.

Shiatsu Treatments

Shiatsu is great for calming the nervous system and is a good way of treating stress and trauma, as we hold both of these in our bodies. It is a perfect therapy for young people as they do not need to remove any clothes to have this bodywork treatment. In particular young men seem to like this treatment as they sometimes find it difficult to share their feelings with a stranger. So physical treatments suit them. Sometimes we chat during the session and it might be just be about football or music. Over time, they usually open up as they get to know me.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki  is less popular with young people unless they have grown up with friends/family using this therapy or have heard something about it on social media.

EFT/Tapping Treatments

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an excellent treatment for young people to have. Not only do we work through some of their anxiety’s using this technique but they will also discover a tool that can be used throughout their life and for future stressful situations. It’s not always appropriate to go straight into doing EFT with a young person. Sometimes it is better to start with Shiatsu or Reiki until we develop a relationship and they can feel that they can trust me. But its very individual and the young person will know what feels right for them.

A Wellbeing Programme

My Wellbeing Programmes are personally tailored programmes including some or all of the above treatments. You get more for your money when you buy the treatments as a programme.