It is near the end of August and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, this time of year is known as Late Summer.

Late Summer is associated with the Earth element and its meridians, Stomach and Spleen. These meridians or channels are responsible the digestion of food and information.

It’s not unusual for the Spleen and Stomach meridians to be low in energy at this time.  I often see an increase in clients attending my clinic with symptoms of low energy, blood sugar imbalance, weight gain, IBS symptoms, nausea, trouble taking in information and excessive worry.

Worry is the most common issue I see. And it’s often linked to overthinking and not being able to switch off mentally. When your Earth element is imbalanced this constant worry and stress can also negatively affect your digestive system (think IBS symptoms).

So what can we do to nurture our Earth energy and improve our digestion of information and food at this time of year?

  • If you are studying or in a mentally taxing job that causes you to overthink, then take regular breaks from what you are doing. It might be simply walking to the toilet or making a hot drink.
  • If you are prone to not sleeping due to a busy mind then consider writing in a journal at night before bed. This can help get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. And if you have a list of things to do for the next day, then write these down in your journal too.
  • If your worries are starting to get on top of you, then talk about how you are feeling with your boss, friends or loved ones. Try not to bottle things up.
  • Self care for your body and your mind is really important. Grounding practices such as mindfulness, meditation and yoga can be beneficial and can help calm an overactive mind. Spending time in nature and with animals can also help. So why not turn your country walk into a mindfulness session by switching off your phone and focusing on the sounds, smells and what you see around you!
  • Do things that make you happy.
  • Practice mindful eating. Such as sitting down to eat, eating slowly and focusing on the different textures and tastes of the meal. This means avoiding watching TV, being on your phone or reading whilst eating. (I’m guilty of this!).
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast between 7-9 am when the Stomach and Spleen energy is at its strongest and try to avoid eating between 7-9 pm when the energy is at its weakest.
  • Try not to eat when you feel angry or stressed, as you won’t digest your food properly. If you are stressed then take a deep slow breath in and out before eating, to calm yourself.
  • Limit the fluid that you drink with your meals. As this will support the digestive process.
  • Despite the weather still being warm (for some of us). Late summer is a  time to start introducing some well cooked foods into your diet such as soups and stews, as they are more easily digested. Raw foods such as salads are less tolerated and are more difficult to digest at this time.
  • Eat fruit separately from your meals.
  • Use aromatic spices and herbs when cooking.
  • Earth energy likes sweet and orange coloured foods, so try and include foods such as oats, spelt, sweet rice, squash, carrot, pumpkin, yam, sweet potato, black beans, parsnip, turnip, date and red lentils  into your diet during late summer.
  • Last, but not least, why not book in for a Shiatsu treatment. This can help balance out the Spleen and Stomach meridians. If you would like to discuss this further or book an appointment then please contact me at So Shiatsu.